Thursday, April 25, 2013

OGGchat network services April update

Monday April 22nd - Atlanta GA
OGGchat enhancements and bug fixes - April 2013
OGGchat engineering has been busy over the last few months with OGGchat product evolution work and OGGflow integration items.
When OGGflow launches the OGGchat service will continue to be available as a stand alone service, or it can be used and bundled with OGGflow workgroup packages.
What’s new in OGGchat;
- OGGchat bot now has an idle personality! Normally when you are not engaged in an active chat the OGGchat bot sits quietly on your jabber contact list. If you felt the urge to reach out and say hello - or just to make sure the bot is there ready to send you chats it would not respond.
OGGchat engineering decided that this is very cold behavior so we have added support for an offline work mode. Right now you can only type “help” to the chatbot and get the command list. When OGGflow releases, we will be unlocking additional task and customer management features that will add more value to the OGGchat bot friends in your list.
When OGGchat bots are driven by the OGGFlow task-flow management and notification system they really take on an artificial intelligence like persona driven by your companies projects, events and people.
- A ‘ping’ routine has been added to give your agents / operators a more immediate indication that the site visitor has closed their web browser completely and ended the chat.
- Widget security has been enhanced so that users visiting multiple sites that use OGGchat each have a unique identity within the same browser session.  
- Chat tab button now automatically identifies HTTPS requests and serves chat button images securely
- Operators and chat agents can now accept chats more easily by typing the first line of their response to a customer chat request and accept it at the same time without the need to type “yes” to accept it first.
- Routing enhancements have been made so that companies with multiple widgets and multiple departments do not get chats routed to the wrong operator skill group when a default department is offline.
- OGGchat network bots now automatically re-set their status to online every 15 minutes to compensate for jabber issues which would result in the bots appearing to be offline on some jabber networks.
- The OGGchat email services and routing have been upgraded to eliminate issues with chat transcripts not being sent out post chat.
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