Monday, March 25, 2013

Icoa engineering weekly - volume 784

March 24th 2013 - Atlanta GA

Team reports -

OGGflow engineering;

- Added Social / Email network identification icons to threaded message replies

- Added support for google live streaming updates.

- Added support for facebook live streaming updates.

- Updated the threading support in the Gmail connector so that threaded replied in an OGGflow workflow are never removed despite being sorted in the gMail interface.

- Added network / device identification for connector replies. This is used to differentiate an internal team member commenting on a workflow vs an user external to OGGflow who has replied via email or social network.

- The Facebook social feed management connector was updated with several additional sync options that allow a new OGGflow user group to sync all historic posts, comments and replies from their company pages that occurred before the Facebook connector was set-up within the OGGflow project.

- Added new cursor transitions so it is more clear what UI objects can be dragged vs clicked

- Improved Gmail / IMAP connector UI display of message header information

OGGchat engineering;

- OGGchat network database infrastructure routing upgrades

- Fixed a rare bug where agent chat would restart after the #bye command is issued

Currently Icoa engineering has 152 open enhancement / feature initiatives.

See you next week!

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