Friday, January 7, 2011

Canned Messages Right from your IM

We're happy to announce canned messages from within OggChat. A canned message is a predefined live chat response that a live chat operator can send to a visitor, increasing response speed and efficiency.

In OggChat we call these canned messages Shortcuts.

Here's an example of the Canned Message Shortcut Screen:

Once you create a shortcut, respond with the canned message by typing "/" then the shortcut name. For example, type "/hello" to send the hello message as follows:

The visitor will see the message on their live chat window:

That's it. You're ready to save time and increase sales with live chat!


  1. Wow, canned messages will help safe time and increase response of visitor. I would love to use it for the sake of more sales. Thank you for offering 14 days free trial.

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