Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Reasons to Use Live Chat Software for Business Today

1. Engage directly with website visitors when they most need help.

2. Give a great first impression of the quality of your customer service by being helpful and courteous to visitors and by answering their questions quickly.

3. Convert casual website visitors into customers by monitoring website visitors as they enter your site and viewing their footprint in your site. Proactively invite them to a chat to help explain a product or service.

4. Live Chat from Anywhere. Answer live chats when and where you want to - from your computer, your iPhone, or your Blackberry. Choose the instant messenger of your choice such as Google Talk, Audium, or Pidgin.

5. Strengthen your brand by customizing your chat window with your logo, your buttons, and your website look and feel.

6. Gain a competitive edge by implementing a professional live chat service on your website.

7. Save money on customer service. Live chat is inexpensive compared to call center support.

8. Live chat is easy to grow. Add operators as your business and live support needs grow.

9. You get a written transcript of exactly what was discussed. Great for both companies and customers.

10. Experience these benefits with an Free Trial

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Custom Online/Offline Live Chat Buttons

As part of our ongoing focus on implementing customer feature requests as quickly as possible, we have been releasing a number of incremental improvements to OggChat.

Today we've enhanced OggChat Live Chat by adding support for custom online and offline chat buttons. With this feature, you can just login to OggChat, upload the images you'd like to use for online and offline live chat presence, and copy your generated code into your website.

Here's a screenshot of the capability: