Thursday, January 21, 2010

Live Chat in Multiple Languages with OggChat

We've just introduced multi-language live chat support for Oggchat that allows businesses to choose the language they want to interact with their customers in. Chat window messages will be localized to the language chosen as well as operator interaction in Gmail or Google Talk.

This is yet another feature that will drastically expand the reach of OggChat Live Chat to businesses around the world.

We are asking for volunteers to help expand our language support. We currently support these languages. If you're interested, please contact us here. We'll respond with a short list of phrases and words that require translation into your language.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OggChat's New Live Chat History Search

We're pleased to announce live chat history search to OggChat. With the latest release of OggChat, Operators and Administrators have the ability to search all live chat history and quickly view visitor information including geo location on Google Maps, visitor browser details, and chat message text.

This feature enables screen pop capabilities for incoming chats and gives your business realtime access to visitor history through OggChat.

Here are some screenshots of the new feature:

Chat Request that includes Search History Link

Link directly to the search page from the chat invite that comes into your Gmail chat.

Chat History Search Page on OggChat

Dynamically search for previous chats from this visitor. You can search be name, email, ip, phone number, and date ranges.