Friday, October 16, 2009

How to convert website visitors to customers

Here's a situation that many website owners find themselves in. Does this apply to you?
  • You have a product or service you're selling online.
  • You've set up your online shopping cart.
  • You've used Pay-Per-Click ads and SEO techniques to bring more vistiors to your website.
  • You've integrated Google Analytics to watch your visitors grow.
And you still can't seem to convert all of those visitors to customers?

Well sometimes, it's as easy as giving your visitors a little human interaction and spending 30 seconds answering their product questions.

That's where OggChat Live Chat can help. Unlike other Live Chat services, OggChat is affordable for businesses of any size and also offers a totally free version for small businesses and bloggers. What better ROI than free?

Simply sign up, copy your chat button into your webpage, and start engaging your customers before they leave your site. You'll be surprised at how your sales will increase and your overall support costs will drop by adding live chat to your website.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OggChat Pro Live Chat - Great Features for your Pro Chat

After some great initial feedback on the OggChat Live Chat service, we've decided to offer a one month free trial of the Pro version of the service. This version has some great features not included in OggChat Lite such as multiple operator support, chat transfers between agents using Google Talk or Gmail, department-based routing of chats, and support for multiple domains for a single OggChat account.

Chat Transfers
Say you've accepted a chat from a customer who is having a billing issue and you're in the marketing department. Simply type "#transfer " in your GMail chat window to transfer the chat to another agent in your account.

Department Based Routing
You can create any number of departments in your account and assign individual operators to each topic. Then when a customer selects a department from the drop down list in the chat window, the chat request is only routed to those operators assigned to that particular department.

Multiple Domain Support
If you have multiple websites you'd like to put OggChat on, it's as simple as generating a different widget for each domain. When the chat request arrives to your Instant Messenger, you know from which site it came, so you can respond appropriately.